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“The Purest Art”

Have you ever wondered why our earliest ancestors painted murals on the walls and ceilings of caves? Who was going to see the images? Why go through all of that work of setting up wooden scaffolding, preparing pigments from scarce raw materials and making torches from the scant resources available? This was in the day […]

What did you say?

On the way into work this morning a police car passed me. I was going the speed limit and it was hilarious to observe as all of the cars and trucks (that flew past me) slammed on their brakes . . . suddenly becoming enlightened. The presence of the patrol car acted like a cork […]

The Bear that Bought the Farm

It’s time once again to turn the calendar to autumn. Fall seems to elicit the season of the whopper – those audacious, outlandish, taller-than-tall tales spun by outdoor enthusiasts of all persuasions. One sunny day during a home energy advisor visit, the farmer in residence shared the following account: “My wife warned me not to […]

The Family Secret

As a former weatherization auditor and for the past year and a half, as a home energy advisor, I have met with many colorful personalities. I take people at face value and give them the benefit of the doubt . . . assuming that what they are telling me is true. With that said, there […]

Good Timing

An introduction to our new Tri-CAP monthly blog Stephen Bjorklund, Energy Consultant You have heard that timing is everything. As a young man, husband, father and building contractor, I struggled with the ups and downs of the construction business. Our family income was never the same for any two years in a row – but […]

Home Weatherization Grows 1,000% Under Stimulus, Creating Jobs, Saving Low-Income Families $400 a Year

You will see the following quote in the article below. “This is a sound investment with a phenomenal rate of return: for every $1 invested in the WAP program there are $2.51 returned to the household and broader economy.” When we calculate this rate of return for the three counties we serve with American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Weatherization funds, it amounts to over $12 Million!!

2011-2012 Energy Assistance Program

If you have never applied for Energy Assistance, I encourage you to check out our energy page to check the income guidelines to see if you’re eligible and call our office to request an application.

EAP Breaks Another Record!

“The Minnesota Energy Assistance Program has once again broken another record for households served for the third year in a row…”

Weatherization Leads Clean Energy Recovery

Weatherization Leads Clean Energy Recovery 12,000 homes weatherized and 578 jobs created in Minnesota under the Recovery Act Saint Paul (February 2, 2011) – As of December 31, 2010, Minnesota weatherized over 12,000 homes under the Recovery Act.  Having completed about 65 percent of the Recovery Act grant, Minnesota weatherization assistance has spent approximately $85 […]

Reach Out For Warmth

Tri-CAP’s Reach Out For Warmth (ROFW) program is a community based emergency fuel fund designed to help households that are over income for the Energy Assistance program. This program is funded by donations from local businesses, churches, civic groups, energy vendors, fundraisers and from individuals like you. all of the money raised stays within the […]