Song of Fall

October whispers a wise old sound,
the best in life is fleeting . . .
would that trees retain their color,
splendor drifting to Autumn grounds.

The colors live in mind and memory . . .
embrace their short-lived reign.
Note that friends are like October,
we try to hold them but in vain.

The old appreciate the season.
We remember what we cannot hold.
Reason exposes all our parts
as seasons race upon our thoughts.

What is real, what we value
becomes severed and untouched by time.
I can live my love of fall
this year and decades past the same.

Love and time indwell October,
shortened days, geese in flight.
Nothing mutes the chilling grandeur
awakened by the bracing nights.

It’s a wonder that we surrender,
any friend or part of us.
But our life too steps to the season
fallen colors fulfilled as browns.

So what is left, what’s to be said?
A thank you would be nice.
For if God should tarry . . . taking measure,
October seasons with delight.

Fall energy tips: If you have fuel oil or propane, check the fuel level in your storage tank. Sediment from an empty fuel oil tank can back-flow into your furnace and destroy it; and running out of propane may require an emergency fill by your provider (after hours or on the weekend), which can cost an extra 100 to 200 dollars for the service call. Be wise and don’t run out. Call your energy vendor and see if they will work with you on a payment plan. Don’t forget about local resources, apply in October for Tri-CAP’s energy assistance program (financial guidelines apply).

October 2017 Blog
Written by: Stephen Bjorklund