Ghost Stories

It’s a rare day – I’m all caught up with my work load and client files. My next home energy visit isn’t scheduled for another hour, so my mind drifts to stories – ghostly client tales, to be precise. So here goes. Sven lived on his family’s Century Farm. The homestead sat on a hill overlooking the big woods to the Southwest and Gillan’s Bog to the Southeast.
“Once,” Sven began, “it was a very dark night – no moon and no stars. The crickets and frogs and hoot owls filled the darkness with a devilish chorus, punctuated by the unearthly screams of foxes on the hunt. I, too, decided to go hunting, so I grabbed my .22 rifle and my coon dog, Old Blue, and headed downhill toward the swamp. Suddenly, I saw the strangest sight, a bluish-green glow flitting and hovering across Gillan’s Bog. The nefarious apparition seemed to move as I approached, dancing behind clumps of alders and red dogwood, weaving in and out behind the weeping willows. Old Blue saw it too and commenced to growling. I kept a tight grip on his leash. We began to follow the light. It led me in a crazy circle through the boggy terrain, and I found myself once again at the approach to the swamp. The light dimmed – then vanished. I glanced uphill, toward the farmhouse, and saw the blue-green glow reappear in our attic window! There was no one home, so I charged up the hillside – stopping in the backyard to catch my breath, all the while staring at the ghostly glow. It began to fade, but just for an instant, I swear I could see the face of my father. Tonight would have been the one year anniversary of his passing. I regained my breath, steeled my resolve and put Old Blue back in his kennel. I made my way upstairs, step by step, and pushed the attic door open with the barrel of my rifle. I scanned the space with my flashlight, there was nothing moving or out of place, but something shiny caught my eye on the sill of the attic window. I walked toward the shiny object. There, laying on the casement, were my Dad’s WWII dog tags. As I picked them up, I pondered the singular events of the evening. Guess Pop wanted me to know he was still watching over me . . . and he always did have a flair for the dramatic.” Sven reached inside his shirt and pulled out the dog tags, saying, “And these are the very same.” The sight of the tags gave me goose bumps.
I’m out of time, duty calls . . . my next home visit beckons
Energy tip: Watch out for the “Phantom Loads” on your electrical appliances. Many of your electrical devices, including your computer, fax, printer, TV and VCR’s (among others) still use electricity when you turn them off. Plug these devices into a strip plug, and when you’re done using them for the day, turn the power strip off. This can save you money over the course of a year, and your appliances will last longer.

April 2017 Blog
By: Stephen Bjorklund