The Bog

A bog is a singular place. While hunting, I have trailed deer into bogs and become thoroughly disoriented. Without the benefit of the sun to guide you, the vistas look the same in all directions. They are unique biospheres, primitive, elemental . . . and deadly. Without a compass, you could easily become a permanent addition to the bog.
Who knows what lays under-foot? Time itself may be trapped in the bog. Hapless hunters over the centuries have fallen . . . and then been absorbed by this swampy morass. If you go deep enough (as have those who harvest peat for commercial purposes) you may find the mummified bodies of ancient wayfarers, with their animal skin clothing and flint-tipped spears and arrows. Go deeper still and you may encounter long-dead Elk or Bison. Go yet deeper into the abyss and there may be wooly mammoths, or even the odd Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Bogs change little over time. Some creatures enter therein for sanctuary (to escape four-footed or bi-pedal predators). Some birds and unusual plants, like orchids, carnivorous pitcher plants and peat moss, live there. Bogs may be fascinating, even alluring places to visit, but they are not meant for humans. Being lost in a bog is a terror that cannot be conveyed by words. You can feel the despair and desolation, but you can never speak it. It’s a little like being trapped by debt – chronically short to pay your bills. That’s a place that defies description as well, but those who are lost there can feel it with every waking moment . . . and at times, even in their dreams.
If you find yourself trapped in a bog of debt, and all of the paths surrounding you look the same . . . give Tri-CAP a call. For over fifty years we have served as a beacon to help you find your way. We want your home to be a refuge, warm and secure, a safe place where you can master your pathway through life.
Energy tips for June: If you have older appliances (non-Energy Star units) consider replacing them. A new refrigerator could save you close to $100 per year in electricity; a new chest freezer might save up to $66 per year; a new window air conditioner up to $150 per year. Call Tri-CAP and ask about an Energy Advisor Home Assessment. If you are eligible through the Energy Assistance Program, and your electrical provider sponsors appliance replacements, you may receive assistance with a replacement energy efficient refrigerator (or certain other appliances).
June 2017 Blog
By: Stephen Bjorklund