Everything American tells us that we must have more – more land; more money; more house; more things; more business; more respect; more security; more professional satisfaction . . . more of everything.

Imagine that you are traveling on the most important journey of your life (you are you know) and you come to a junction with three possible paths. The signs point the way to “Less”, “More”, and “Enough”. Which would you choose?

Have you ever heard of the “Minimalist” movement? People are experimenting with super-small houses; intensive farming on small acreage; cottage industries that can transform your home into your place of work; home schooling; creating your own energy and going off the grid; raising your own food; crafting your own clothing with your own wool from your own sheep on your own loom. Indeed, some innovative Americans have chosen the path that reads “Enough” or per-chance even “Less”.

Picture what you could do with your extra free time – that is, if you remove yourself from the all-consuming pathway to “More”. You could lean against a walnut tree next to a beaver pond and fish for trout. You could watch the critters maintaining their log dam, swimming on the lazy waters, making ripples as they work. You could feel the breeze as it teases the water, and sense it as it washes over you and caresses the leaves of your walnut tree. You could take a walk by the creek, and perhaps encounter another wayfaring soul also on the quest for simplicity. Maybe you could even fall in love again. Who knows what’s in store for you if you un-clutter your life?

Energy tip for July: Try simplifying your life – create a written budget, pay yourself first, and make the most of the income you have. Ask Tri-CAP if you are eligible for home weatherization. Make the most of the home that you have, and reduce your fuel and electric bills. Spend some time appreciating the beauty that surrounds you – it’s free every day.


July 2017 Blog
By: Stephen Bjorklund