“Small Universes”

I’m a constant observer of people, which feeds into my hobbies of art work and writing. We all live in our own unique universes. Yes, we are part of many larger groups, but our true personality manifests in a world of our own design. Here’s a few groups . . . consider how many you identify with: avid readers; movie goers; sports enthusiasts; church groups; youth groups; fishermen, hunters, boaters, campers; hikers, bikers, runners; artists or crafters; woodworkers; agate and arrowhead collectors; antique hunters; garage sale junkies; physical fitness aficionados; philosophers, deep thinkers; writers; gardeners; food appreciators; get-together hosts a-plenty; volunteerism; mission trips or world travels; business; finance; computers; gamers; anthropologists or archaeologists; scientists of all persuasions; culture enthusiasts; all things mechanical; fair and event goers; nature observers; all things family.
My guess is that you can claim some of the above as your own universe. If you had to pick the defining one, the one you most identify with, which would it be? Things change with the story-line of our life. When I was young, my answer would have been simple – hunter. Then life entered in and family matters became the driving force. Now, as a senior, what’s my thing? I guess it’s dwindled down to philosopher. Family and hunting still count, but just appreciating life and sharing the good news keeps me content.
I hope your universe is a meaningful and rewarding place. If we at Tri-CAP can help lighten your load, through our many family oriented programs – give us a call.
August energy tips: When you buy new appliances, electronics or ceiling fans, look for the label that says Energy Star. Then, look at the yellow tag, it will tell you how much it costs to run that device for one year, and also the number of kilowatt hours used per year. Compare before you buy. Some new refrigerators use half the energy of other new models, with nearly the same purchase price. Save money over the long term and shop wisely. When your budget allows, or if you qualify for Tri-CAP’s energy programs, replace your old appliances with new Energy Star models. Just replacing an old refrigerator, chest freezer and window air conditioner could save you hundreds in your annual electric bill.
August 2017 Blog
By: Stephen Bjorklund