The Time Travelers, Part #3 “Vectors and Resonance”


Within the month I received another summons to visit Jethro Olam. We wasted no time on formalities, and went directly to the latest news from his parents.

“Dearest Jethro, we arrived in Guatemala at the peak of the Mayan civilization’s cultural and scientific renaissance. By fortuitous circumstances, we were able to witness the construction of a new pyramid and temple structure, and in the process, we learned that time travel is an ancient science and a here-to-fore lost art. We spent nearly 50 of your years rediscovering these ancient truths. Now it is time to reveal what we have found.”


“The building blocks of theoretical time are spherical and circular in nature. Linear time, past, present, and future are really a function of spherical movements.   At any given time we are moving from three impetus, the earth spins daily; it orbits around the sun annually; and we are flying away like a falcon from the beginning of time – from the creation burst. To travel in time, we must establish our location and our desired destination point. By a series of computations, we can arrive at vectors, or coordinates, to reach the targeted date. The past is a point between where we are and the creation burst, it is an actual place that can be mathematically determined. Ditto for the future.

“It took many years to create a working model of the cosmos. Of course it is incomplete, but we had enough information for our purposes. All matter is flying away on a concentric, spherical shock wave from the beginning of time, from creation. We were able to locate our relative position in this construct and determine the speed at which we were moving. TIME IS A FUNCTION OF MOVEMENT AND LOCATION.


“Part of understanding the movement of time is very elemental. We are being pushed by a shock wave originating from creation. As with all waves, there is a component of harmonic motion. Without harmonic motion, the wave energy would dissipate and the wave would cease. Time would then come to rest like water on a glassy pond, or like the surface of the biblical crystal sea, and time would also cease to exist.

“Every point in time has a unique signature, a harmonic resonance that is just as telling as a finger-print. This is an energy pulse that behaves similarly to a sound wave. The secret of time travel is creating the correct “pitch” or “tone” of this identifying signature. Have you ever watched a freight train approaching? The pitch of the engine changes as the train gets ever closer, then changes again as it departs. The pitch of this sound is a calculation of the sound wave from the point of origin, as modified by the pitch of sound relative to your present location.  Likewise, this signature energy pulse carries a different pitch at every location on earth’s journey through time and space.


The device

“What would our story be without an actual time machine? Bear in mind that the device had to be small enough to fit into a back-pack. We could not depend on a ground crew from our original point of embarkation, as we could easily out-live all of our contemporaries. We had to be self-contained and self-reliant if we ever hoped to return.

“We discovered that an unblemished crystal, about twelve inches in length, had the molecular characteristics necessary to act as a time machine medium.   Scholars of old may also have possessed knowledge of the unique properties of crystals, and mention is even made in the scriptures of the crystal sea flowing before the throne of the Creator. After decades of experimentation, we were able to catalog the pitches of different earth times, different ages. Next, we calibrated two tuning forks, one with the signature pitch of our present time; one with the pitch of the time we wished to travel to. When these two forks are activated at the same time and scanned over the crystal, a meta-physical transformation takes place. The molecular structure becomes an energy pulse which seeks out the desired target date. So with the crystal aimed precisely (utilizing a device akin to a sextant), everything within a three meter square area instantly transports through time and space to the destination. We do not yet know the range of this pulse, but we do know that it will reach thousands of years into the past. As for time travelers, the loss of any component of this device could result in becoming marooned forever.

“After our return last year from Guatemala, we discovered that we had not aged in your time. We have not yet determined why . . . this will be our next scope of inquiry. Hope you are well.”

Jethro and I sat without speaking for a time, processing the revelations from his parents. I finally said, “I wonder if they could travel in geological time, say, all the way back to the age of the dinosaurs?”

Jethro Olam did not respond. He was totally engrossed in thought. I excused myself, and returned to the rather lack-luster duties of our time.


June energy tips:

Fix leaky water faucets right away. Don’t let your money run down the drain. Install low-flow aerators on your faucets. Water your lawn early in the morning or late in the evening, and don’t mow your lawn more than necessary (short grass takes considerably more water). Wash only full loads of laundry (in cold water) and dry your clothes outdoors on the old fashioned clothes line. Use a bucket of water to wash your car, instead of a hose. Don’t have to pay for city water? Well water still costs you money for the pump, and wasting water effects all of us sooner or later. Some neighborhoods are running out of well water, make sure it’s not your neighborhood.


Tri-CAP June 2018 Blog

By: Stephen Bjorklund