The Long and Short of IT

How long do things live? Here’s the list.

  • Bristlecone pine tree – 5060 years.
  • Giant tortoise – 255 years.
  • Asian elephant – 86 years.
  • Blue Macaw – 119 years.
  • Horse – 62 years.
  • Dog – 29 years.
  • Cat – 38 years.
  • Black bear – 30 years.
  • Whitetail deer – 4.5 (wild); 25 years (captive).
  • Greenland shark – 512 years.
  • Bowhead whale – 200 years.
  • Lobsters – 140 years.
  • Pheasant – 27 years.
  • Grouse – 11 years.
  • Cottontail rabbit – 3 years.
  • Canada goose – 28 years.
  • Mallard duck – 27 years.
  • Bald eagle – 20 -38 years.
  • Robins – 13 years.
  • Humans – 79-100+

Let’s talk people. How do most of us end?

  1. Heart disease.
  2. Cancer.
  3. Stroke.
  4. Lung disease.
  5. Accidents.
  6. Diabetes.
  7. Flu & pneumonia.
  8. Alzheimer’s.

Where do people live the longest, and why? (90, 100, or more). SARDINIA, ITALY – They largely have a plant diet and typically walk five miles per day. OKINAWA, JAPAN – They have a strong social circle that lasts for a lifetime. NICOYA, COSTA RICA – People love the outdoors; eat a natural diet with no processed food, and they devise their own plan for life. LOMA LINDA, CALIFORNIA – This is a strong religious community with strict adherence to a day of rest on the Sabbath. IKARIA, GREECE – The people have a natural diet, socialize late into the evening, and take frequent naps during the day.

How does Minnesota fair? Men – 79 plus. Women – 81 plus.

Have you ever heard any of these from your parents: eat right, work hard, exercise, go to church, and take good care of your family? Looks like they were right again.

July energy tips: Close your window shades during the day and open them in the cool of the evening. Use a fan instead of your air-conditioner, or run the fan on your furnace. Install awnings over your big windows, especially to the South. Dry your clothes on an old-fashioned clothes line. Water your lawn early or late in the day, and let the lawn grow longer (takes less water). Freeze bags of water, place a frozen bag in a dish in front of a fan and point it at yourself. (The frugal man’s air conditioner). Call Tri-CAP if we can be of assistance through our many programs (for qualified families), and have a good, safe summer. More of Dad’s wisdom – a day of fishing adds two days to your life.

Tri-CAP July 2018 Blog

By: Stephen Bjorklund