The time travelers, Part 2 “A letter from Switzerland”

A few months after my mysterious visit with Jethro Olam, he asked if I would stop by. I assumed that he wanted to discuss the appliances that we had ordered for him, or some other question regarding the referrals made on his behalf, so I agreed to meet him on my way home from work.

“Come on in – there’s fresh coffee and glazed doughnuts in the kitchen.”

I sat once again across from Jethro.

“I suppose you’re wondering why I called you, it doesn’t have to do with the services from Community Action. I could just tell from our last meeting that you are interested in science, and intrigued with the goings-on with my parents.”

“Indeed. The prospect of time travel, for real, would be beyond words.”

“I have received another correspondence from my parents.”

I blurted out, “Did they send drawings or formulas?”

“Not in this correspondence. Instead, they set the stage, the foundation, the big picture. They said that time has many components – the physical, meta-physical, and spiritual. They said the physics of time and time travel, the nuts and bolts of the matter, can be explained logically, step by step. Once you hear it you may wonder why it took so long for mankind to come to grips with the mechanisms. The key is a blend of geography, mathematics, especially geometry; and physics – adding a dash of astral-physics. This letter was an introduction to coming revelations – it also contains a warning.”

“So where did your parents disappear to?”

“Let me read a portion of their letter, ‘Jethro, we chose our target destination into another time most deliberately. In the course of our research, we discovered that there are places on earth that are unique, when it comes to time . . . for a variety of reasons. Here are a few of them: the magnetic North pole; Death Valley; the caves of France; the jungles comprising the ancient Mayan Civilization in Guatemala; and a mysterious mountain top in southern Mexico. The metaphysics of time are refined and distilled into a powerful force in these special places. We chose to begin our journey into time on that mountain in Mexico. Here, we encountered millions of Monarch butterflies. They were gathered into great bunches in the trees, like fish-nets filled to the bursting. Never had we seen such a dazzling assemblage of the power of life and time. All these beauties came from untold distances, migrating at the same time to this same place. We too, were drawn.’”

“With that, their detailed description of place ended.”

“What else did they say?”

“Have patience. Remember that my parents disappeared in 1967, and did not resurface until 2017. They appear to be preparing me, and perhaps the world, for a momentous revelation. They concluded this second letter from Switzerland with, ‘We must warn you that time travel comes at great risk and personal sacrifice.   Eventually, we came to realize that time can be “traded” but not replicated. The years that we lost with our family are gone forever. It cannot be re-lived. It was an exchange. Had we known this on the mountain top our journey would have come to an abrupt end. Instead, we pressed on to Guatemala.’”

“I have many questions. If they can’t replicate those years, why did they not age, that is, in our time?”

“Perhaps in future communications. Would you like for me to keep you informed of further developments?”

“I would be most grateful.”

And with that, our second meeting came to a close.


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Tri-CAP May 2018 Blog

By: Stephen Bjorklund