What did you say?

On the way into work this morning a police car passed me. I was going the speed limit and it was hilarious to observe as all of the cars and trucks (that flew past me) slammed on their brakes . . . suddenly becoming enlightened. The presence of the patrol car acted like a cork in a bottle – about fifteen cars and trucks were obliged to travel henceforth in a tight-knit caravan, all the way to St. Cloud. We had become an impromptu brotherhood of guilty souls.

This anecdote is a classical example of how we see and say things. We take our life experiences and arrange them in our mind on a scaffolding of literary devices. In the short paragraph above several literary devices were employed. We are usually not aware that we are using these devices, we just think the way we think and say the way we say.

So how are you doing with your holiday shopping? Do you remember the reason for the season (alliteration); did you purchase special foods for the family get-togethers, like jumbo shrimp (oxymoron); financially speaking, were you able to keep the wolf away from the door (anthropomorphism); was your shopping experience right up there with feeling the cracks spread as the rock (from the equipment trailer ahead of you) fractured your windshield (cacophony)?

We all grapple with our thinking and speaking process, and know it or not, we are all craftsmen who frame our experiences in the most delightful of ways.

We at Tri-CAP hope you have a happy winter. If we can help you in making your home warm, snug and efficient through our many programs – please give us a call.

December energy tips: Change the filters on your furnace monthly, it will save you money (the furnace will not come on and off as much and it will run more efficiently); and also the air quality will improve (this reduces dust, allergens, dust mites and other contaminants). If you have not had a clean and tune of your furnace in more than two years – get one. This will save you big money on your heating fuel consumption. Consider having your duct work cleaned, to also improve air quality. Make sure your heat registers and cold air returns are open and that nothing is obstructing the air flow. Turn down the temperature on your water heater to 120 degrees, and take short showers. Your water heater is thirty percent of you energy bill, so use it wisely. If you are struggling with your energy bills, are facing a shut-off, or your fuel tank is on empty, call Tri-CAP. For income eligible families, we may have just the help you need.

December 2016 Blog

By: Stephen Bjorklund