The Funk Hole

I hope that you have been enjoying the client tales as presented in our Tri-CAP monthly blogs. They are great fun for me because the richness of life is the people in our life. This months’ subject is so universal that it applies to both clients and staff at Tri-CAP. It’s not one person’s story, it’s our story. It’s called being trapped in a funk. What’s that, you say? The funk is a perfect storm of factors combining at the same time to make one’s life nearly unendurable. When you find yourself there, most people retreat, pull back from everyone and everything, and go into the survival mode. It’s of little comfort to know that nearly everyone, at some time in their life, gets thrown down the funk hole.
So how does it happen? Have your parents or grandparents ever said any of the following to you? Eat right, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep, show up for work on time. Hmmm . . . The greatest joy is in the giving of yourself and your time, the greatest blessing realized when we bless others.
So if your family credos are right-on, then is it true that when we fail to observe these basics, we may lose our peace and risk slipping away bit by bit into the general malaise of the funk hole? Maybe.
Let’s examine the matter. I do know this – not having enough money, or having too much money, can start you on the downhill slide. Embrace the good relationships that you have. A good mate or a good friend is worth more than gold. Having a great job can help, but it’s not the whole ball game. Instead, focus on the job that you have and try to encourage your immediate circle of co-workers and clients. A kind word at the right time brings life; a harsh word at a pivotal time can cause grievous harm. What we speak comes out of our spirit, what we say is who we are.
Another piece of the puzzle is how we see ourselves. If financial status or your job define you – have a care. These things can be taken away by circumstances. If you are a high achiever/type “A” personality, what happens when you don’t meet your goal, or worse yet, when you fail entirely? The tasks that you do are also not you. Do you believe in anything greater than yourself, or are you the center of your universe? Do you entertain spiritual truths that lead to inner peace? Believing entirely in oneself is like carrying water in a bucket that’s full of holes. There may be more wisdom in believing in the one who created the water.
If you find yourself in a funk and can’t manage the burden of keeping up with your fuel or electric bills this winter, or your family budget is all out of whack, give Tri-CAP a call. (Income eligibility guidelines apply.) We’re not the answer to everything, but we’ll have an encouraging word for you and hopefully some targeted financial assistance to get you over the hump, and a few steps closer to climbing out of a funk.
Energy saving tips for fall: Install a timer on your water heater; install timers on some of your electric lighting; don’t use portable electric heaters, use a blanket instead (some heaters can cost over $100 per month to operate); consider sealing your drafty windows with “strip-away” caulk (as the name implies, you can easily remove the caulking when spring arrives.) With a little effort, you can make your home warmer and more efficient this winter.

Tri-CAP November blog

Written by: Stephen Bjorklund