Vehicles For Lease


Tri-CAP does not have any lease vehicles available at this time. 


Tri-CAP’s Lease Vehicle Program offers income eligible clients the opportunity to lease-to-own newer vehicles from Tri-CAP with 0% interest. The goal of the program is to provide affordable transportation with the goal of purchasing the vehicle after the 3 year lease term.




Lease payment amount does not include taxes. Down payment required

Vehicle Purchase Eligibility

All applicants MUST:

  • Be age 21 years and older
  • Reside in the service area of Benton, Sherburne, or Stearns county
  • Have a valid driver’s license with a current address
  • Have full coverage auto insurance on lease vehicle for duration of lease
  • Have credit history reviewed with a Tri-CAP Self-Sufficiency Counselor

Income Qualifications

Family Size Maximum Annual Income
1 $15,950
2 $21,550
3 $27,150
4 $32,750
5 $38,350
6 $43,950
7 $49,550
8 $55,150
Each Additional $5,600


For more information, contact Tri-CAP at 320-251-1612 or 1-888-765-5597.

Lease FAQs

Q. How much are the lease payments?
A. Payment amounts start at $150 a month, and then sales tax is calculated based off of the city sales tax that you reside in.


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