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The Game of Life

Many Americans see organized sports as a metaphor for life. This sentiment endures in spite of the risk of injury and the many personal sacrifices required. So what are some of the universal lessons to be gleaned by belonging to a team? First, it takes dedication. Every sport worth doing requires regular attendance at practice […]

Good Timing

An introduction to our new Tri-CAP monthly blog Stephen Bjorklund, Energy Consultant You have heard that timing is everything. As a young man, husband, father and building contractor, I struggled with the ups and downs of the construction business. Our family income was never the same for any two years in a row – but […]

Leadership and Financial Coaches Programs Honored

Tri-CAP’s Mary Christen Czech and the leadership program provide training and mentorship to traditionally underrepresented groups in leadership positions within the community. Program graduates now serve on non-profit boards, advise school districts on issues of diversity and advocate for their communities with elected officials.

Using Debit Cards

Nowadays, it’s so easy to just whip out that little plastic card to pay for your purchases – and it may also be dangerous to do so. The “plastic” I’m talking about isn’t your charge card: It’s your debit card. While it may seem like a credit card, it’s not. Debit cards are directly connected […]