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Housing Services provided by Tri-CAP, Inc. include:

Rental Education/Renting 101 class

  • Provides information on how to find an apartment
  • Provides information about the common barriers to housing and how to overcome them
  • Teaches you how to pull your credit, criminal, and civil court records
  • Provides information on eviction and expungement
  • click to go to Renting 101 page

Tri-CAP is a Coordinated Entry List Access Point

If you are homeless and need access to Central Minnesota Coordinated Entry Referral List and VI-SPDAT assessment, please contact a Tri-CAP self-sufficiency counselor at 320-251-1612 for more information.

When an opening in the following programs occur, we are given a referral from the Central Minnesota Coordinated Entry List:

Rapid Rehousing

Provides 1 to 2 years of rental assistance and case management for persons experiencing homelessness.

Long-term Rental Assistance and Permanent Supportive Housing

Provides on-going rental support and case management for persons experiencing long term homelessness

The following resources may be useful to you:

For information and legal representation contact:





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