Tri-CAP is no longer providing eviction prevention financial assistance unless there is a veteran in the household. To apply for eviction prevention financial assistance, please call Lutheran Social Services at 1-866-970-1437.
If there is a veteran in the household or you are homeless and in need of services/support or have questions about your housing status, you should talk to a Tri-CAP self-sufficiency counselor.

Housing Services provided by Tri-CAP, Inc. include:

Rental Education/Renting 101 class

  • Provides information on how to find an apartment
  • Provides information about the common barriers to housing and how to overcome them
  • Teaches you how to pull your credit, criminal, and civil court records
  • Provides information on eviction and expungement
  • click to go to Renting 101 page

Rapid Rehousing

  • Information coming soon!

Veteran Rental Assistance

  • Information coming soon!

Long-term Rental Assistance and Permanent Supportive Housing

  • Provides on-going rental support and case management for persons experiencing long term homelessness

Coordinated Entry List Access Point

  • If you are homeless and need access to the Coordinated Entry list or VI-SPDAT assessment, please contact a Tri-CAP self-sufficiency counselor at 320-251-1612 for more information.

Housing Crisis Counseling

  • If you are in a housing crisis, please contact us at 320-251-1612 and ask to speak with a self-sufficiency counselor
  • You may also visit our Housing Crisis Resource Page here
  • If you have an Eviction Notice you should speak with your landlord about what options you have available or seek assistance from an attorney
The following resources may be useful to you:





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