Tri-CAP is currently out of funding for short term rental assistance unless there is a veteran in the household. If there is a veteran in the household, please speak with a housing counselor. If you have questions about your housing status, you can talk to a housing counselor. Tri-CAP will have more information about short term rental assistance on August 1st.


Program Information:

  • If you are currently without housing (homeless), you will need to be assessed on the VI-SPDAT and placed on the regional Coordinated Entry List. This application if for EVICTION PREVENTION only.
  • Due to limited funding, not all applicants will receive financial assistance. All applicants will be eligible for housing counseling.
  • A housing staff member will contact you to assess your housing crisis.
  • Our team will help you explore ways to become more stable in your housing. This may  include counseling, education, advocacy, referrals, or financial assistance.
  • If approved for financial assistance, the applicant will agree to participate in a minimum of 2 months of case management and goal setting.

Program Guidelines:

  • Have an eviction notice.
  • Have a change in income beyond your control within the last 90 days that caused you to be past due with rent.
  • Have a source of income at the time of application and be able to afford future rent.
  • Rent must be affordable. Must be less than 65% of your monthly income.
  • Current resident of Stearns, Benton, Sherburne, or Wright County-we cannot assist individuals moving in or out of the four county service area.
  • If found eligible and approved, Tri-CAP can assist with up to one month of past due rent. The assistance provided must resolve your crisis. If you owe more than Tri-CAP can assist with, you will need to provide written documentation stating that you have a payment agreement with your landlord to pay the remaining balance.

Documentation to provide with your application:

  • Copy of written eviction warning or court notice of eviction dated within the past 30 days.
  • Proof of income for past three months. If you just started to receive income, you will need to provide proof of the ability to pay rent moving forward.
  • Copy of your lease signed by you (tenant) and the landlord.
  • Denial letter from County Emergency Assistance. If the county is out of funds, we will not require a denial letter; however, contact your county of residence first.
  • A signed Release of Information form so we may contact your landlord.

Tri-CAP is currently out of funding for short term rental assistance unless there is a veteran in the household. We will have more information on short term rental assistance on August 1st.




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