1.    What is the eligibility for Tri-CAP programs?
a.    Eligibility requirements are determined by the funding sources and are different for each program. Contact Tri-CAP for more information.

2.    What if I am not eligible for your services? Are there others where I can apply?
a.    Tri-CAP provides a Community Resource list on our website. In addition, you can contact the Tri-CAP office to talk with a counselor about other possible resource options.

3.    Who can I talk to if I just have questions?
a.    Contact our office to speak with an available counselor.

4.    What if I fear for my safety and the safety of my children?
a.    Contact the Central Minnesota Task Force for Battered Women/Anna Maries at 320-253-6900 or for immediate safety assistance, call 911.


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