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   Financial Fitness

Learn How to Gain Control of Your Financial Situations

Tri-CAP’s Financial Fitness program is designed for people who are interested in learning more about how to work with their finances, banks, and creditors. The goal is to help people increase their financial knowledge and gain control over their financial situations.

Tri-CAP is currently able to offer virtual Financial Fitness education to cover the following topics:

Your Income & Expenses

Your Savings: What is saving? Where to build your savings, saving for unexpected expenses, saving for your goals, saving & public benefits

Credit Reports & Scores: Getting and understanding your credit reports

Credit Reports-Repair & Building: Disputing errors on your credit reports, build, repair and maintain a productive credit history

Borrowing Basics: Ways to borrow money and what is costs, preparing to apply for a loan, borrowing when someone helps you manage your money

Managing Debt: What is debt? How debt works, reducing debt, nonpayment of debts in collection, dealing with student loan debt, managing medical debt, understanding high cost debt

Using Credit Cards: How credit cards work, managing your credit score

Building your Financial Future: Assets & asset-building; How assets creates a financial foundation; cars as assets; training & education as assets

Protecting Your Identity & Other Assets: Risks to your assets; Identity theft &fraud; Insurance & record keeping


Please contact our offices at 320-251-1612 to access these virtual sessions






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