The FAIM program assists low-income working adults save money for Higher Education, Home Purchase, or to Start a Small Business.


The FSS program provides a financial incentive for families to become self-sufficient. The program is offered through a partnership between Tri-CAP and the St. Cloud HRA.

Snap Outreach Program

Tri-CAP can provide information about the state run SNAP Program (formerly known as Food Support and Food Stamps).   We provide applications and assistance in completing them as well as assist in getting all needed proofs of information sent in with the application.  The counties administer the program and will confirm if a person or household qualifies for benefits or not.  Make sure to check out the “LINKS” page for information on additional food resources.

Financial Fitness Program

Tri-CAP’s Financial Fitness program is designed for people who are interested in learning more about how to work with their finances, banks, and creditors.  Our goal is to help people increase their financial knowledge and gain control over their financial situations. 


WoMen Investigating New Goals and Solutions, (WINGS) is a self-sufficiency program for individuals who were homemakers and now lack income due to divorce, separation, the death or disability of a spouse or partner, or loss of public assistance.

Free Tax Preparing

Tri-CAP prepares Income Taxes, CRP Renters Credit, and Homeowners Property Tax Rebates.Tri-CAP offers this  FREE tax Service to help lower-income individuals and families prepare their taxes. Call 320-251-1612 to make an appointment.